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Title: PhakEdMoore

Title: PhakEdMoorePopular
Last Update: 2004/9/2 7:02
Submitter: PhakE
Allright, this is my second config, the first that I completed

# GetTV by Kael
# Aftonpressen by Misantrop and notwist, slighty modified by be to include Svt24, also made one for warpdrive, like bash but in swedish...
# SWEather XML by Lister, with the symbols included in DesktopWeatherXML by badboy
# Folder, File size meter by elPresidento
# Traffic Info by Tropics
# DC++ Info by Twink, slighty modified by me to work with oDC
# Advanced Media Player Info by Tropics
# ExtendedProps and ExtendedDrives by DontKnow :/

The wallpaper is made by me, starring lovely Mandy Moore. The font is Verdana and the theme is Apollo.

Thanks to jon.derby and AdamC for helping me through the forum.
And, ofcourse, massive respect to the Samurize Crew!

Please, I want all your thoughts! I dont want to grow up thinking I'm doing a good job, when I don't
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 Re: Title: PhakEdMoore

Posted: 2007/9/28 5:54  Updated: 2007/9/28 5:54


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How did you make that Pie Clock?

Come On, Get Samurized!