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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Ipod Desktop 2

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Title: Ipod Desktop 2

Title: Ipod Desktop 2Popular
Last Update: 2004/10/2 15:03
Submitter: s-eclipse
After some considerable work and reworking here is my ipod desktop so far,its version 1.5 rite now, and i am still adding things.
now i have made it so that there is a lit version and a non lit version, and all the sub menus re lit also, you can switch between the two with that little black dot at the top of the ipod, i will switch the picture to a lightbulb once i find one i like!

i will be submittin it soon, i wish i could have enter in the contest but i was to late, DARN!
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 Re: Ipod Desktop 2

Posted: 2004/10/2 2:43  Updated: 2004/10/2 2:43


Home away from home
Joined: 2003/9/26
From: New Zealand
Posts: 833
In future, please update your previous screenshot instead of posting a new one.

*old screenshot deleted*

 Re: Ipod Desktop 2

Posted: 2004/10/2 18:06  Updated: 2004/10/2 18:06


Joined: 2004/2/19
From: Valencia, California
Posts: 3535
Looking good!

I like the simple, clean style you choose and the config looks to be very well done. I don't see any weather in there though so it may still need a little work! LoL

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