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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: BSC v14 Preview 4

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Title: BSC v14 Preview 4

Title: BSC v14 Preview 4Popular
Last Update: 2004/10/14 2:32
Submitter: Binky
Right, this should be the last time I need feedback on this.
Currently using:
ZiPo's RSS Fetcher
Dok's Extended Props 1.5a
Desktop Weather XML 1.4
ZmZ SysInfo
Uziq's FindTheTopProcess plugin

The font is a bitmap font, Homespun, from

About the only thing I can still think of doing is changing the tabs down the right, due to Weather looking a little bit squished when selected, and maybe one or two minor layout corrections.
So, opinions people, what doth ye think?
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 Re: BSC v14 Preview 4

Posted: 2004/10/14 19:21  Updated: 2004/10/14 19:21


Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2004/9/23
From: California
Posts: 28
i dont like the font.
but i like the rest.

 Re: BSC v14 Preview 4

Posted: 2004/10/14 21:40  Updated: 2004/10/14 21:40


Just popping in
Joined: 2003/9/26
From: Christchurch, New Zealand
Posts: 17
Right, font change on the way then...
I think I've found something a bit better....

 Re: BSC v14 Preview 4

Posted: 2004/10/14 14:04  Updated: 2004/10/14 14:04


Joined: 2003/9/27
From: Sweden
Posts: 150

 Re: BSC v14 Preview 4

Posted: 2004/10/14 12:01  Updated: 2004/10/14 12:01


Home away from home
Joined: 2004/9/6
Posts: 624
This is nice, I really like the idea. About the only other thing I can say is that IMO, it just needs a little more eye candy. One example: you could add some gradients to your tabs on the left. Otherwise, really good work.

 Re: BSC v14 Preview 4

Posted: 2004/10/14 9:09  Updated: 2004/10/14 9:09


Home away from home
Joined: 2003/9/26
From: New Zealand
Posts: 833
Very functional

Btw could you please update old screenshots instead of posting new ones where you've updated just a few things.

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