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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Tadis Milk Suite - Media Center Edition 2005

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Title: Tadis Milk Suite - Media Center Edition 2005

Title: Tadis Milk Suite - Media Center Edition 2005Popular
Last Update: 2004/12/10 23:05
The two blue components on the right are reworkings of Tadis's Milk Suite Widgets. I used them as a base to create versions that look like the interface in Windows Media Center Edition 2005. I think I have the colors almost exact. Everything is slight transparent, so the wallpaper changes the color a bit.

The top iTunes one is pretty much the same config, just with a different background. The Weather config I reworked so it would use the Media Center font, reworked font sizes and colors, and change it to a verical layout.

I'm thinking about also making a Longhorn Inspirat Aero version.

The data strip along the top I created while using Tadis' "Multi-Pod Widget" as a base.

Please let me know your comments. I'm thinking about releasing them. If you have a Media Center PC then these would go great.
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 Re: Tadis Milk Suite - Media Center Edition 2005

Posted: 2005/2/15 6:15  Updated: 2005/2/15 6:15


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Maybe you could incorporate your hard drive info into a milk suite widget?

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