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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Bubble.Glass.01

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Title: Bubble.Glass.01

Title: Bubble.Glass.01Popular
Last Update: 2005/1/5 5:09
Submitter: amitsaraf32
My first config, made entirely from scratch, except for the plugins and icons.  I have tried hard to keep away from the hot-chick-wallpaper-with-some-stats-thrown-in kind of configs which are pretty common and tried to create something with high usability and eye candy at the same time.  High quality unshrunk screenshot, courtesy Imageshack is available here

Though the screen appears highly overcrowded, usually all the other components on the screen are hidden, leaving only an empty desktop showing the main config with performance meters.  Compare this screenshot and you will see what I mean

Wallpaper is Subconscious Mind done by yours truly with a little help from online tutorials.

The font used is Hooge 05_55 Cyr2, which looks cool and minimalistic, especially on transparent bubble glass configs.  Visibility is good on dark backgrounds and it should be usable on any dark wallpaper thanks to the transparency effects.

Config 1 : Contains only the bare minimum performance meters which matter to me.  Also has shortcuts for launching and closing Configs 2 and 3.

Config 2 : RSS News headlines, thanks to Torsius for the Plugin.

Config 3 : Weather config, built from scratch.  Thanks to Torsisus for his excellent Weather2004.dll.

Depending on my mood, to view the news headlines, I use either the config 2 or WorldFlash News Ticker or the Desktop Sidebar on the right.

Desktop Sidebar has two additional advantages.
1. Allows vertically scrolling headlines, which is a nice effect hard to implement in Samurize alone.
2. Allows collapsible shortcut toolbars which is a convenient way to launch programs.  I don't need to use the start menu or my desktop icons at all !

All comments, whether negative or positive are welcome.
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 Re: Bubble.Glass.01

Posted: 2005/1/19 20:04  Updated: 2005/1/19 20:04


Just can't stay away
Joined: 2004/7/7
From: France
Posts: 88
I think there's just too much on the desktop : too many colors, too many elements. Then again, that's just me. I usually try to make all of my desktop elements blend well with eachother so as to have a coherent whole so you might have a better result by making everything go with your wallpaper. You should also try to use only one font. Hope this helps

 Re: Bubble.Glass.01

Posted: 2005/1/7 7:23  Updated: 2005/1/7 7:23


Joined: 2004/7/6
From: Canada / Quebec
Posts: 117

First...Make a better color =/
Second, Bigger screenshot.
Third, be sure that erverything goes in one.
becuz like that.. whe have a purple and some green.. and .. huh...

So make a homogen desktop...

 Re: Bubble.Glass.01

Posted: 2005/1/5 12:00  Updated: 2005/1/5 12:01


Home away from home
Joined: 2003/9/26
From: Finland
Posts: 272
maybe a bigger screenshot?


oh there was a link to bigger screenshot, but why not upload it here in the first place? o_O

 Re: Bubble.Glass.01

Posted: 2005/1/5 12:20  Updated: 2005/1/5 12:20


Quite a regular
Joined: 2004/12/17
From: HK
Posts: 52
Sorry, the site doesn't allow files larger than a particular size. I tried posting the original screenshot twice, before I realised that I would have to use an image host for the high quality larger screenshot

 Re: Bubble.Glass.01

Posted: 2005/1/5 15:06  Updated: 2005/1/5 15:06


Home away from home
Joined: 2003/9/26
From: New Zealand
Posts: 833
You should be able to upload a 1024x768ish screenshot saved as a JPG - everyone else seems to do it ok?

 Re: Bubble.Glass.01

Posted: 2005/1/5 5:21  Updated: 2005/1/5 9:06


Quite a regular
Joined: 2004/12/17
From: HK
Posts: 52
Desktop Sidebar skin is made by me too, from scratch. Now I only need to find a way of subsituting the metal body of the MMD player with the transparent red bubble glass. then it will be truly complete. Any hints appreciated !

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