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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Blue Metal

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Title: Blue Metal

Title: Blue MetalPopular
Last Update: 2005/1/30 19:01
Submitter: -pierre-
Edit: i updated the visual style

Hey guys, here is my first config, called Blue Metal
It is pretty big since i tried to make it functional with all the info that i needed.

So here is the collapsed one (less ressources)

Then i expand it to the main one

And then i have some menus that i can show such as:
- CNN News
- Sports results (here the NBA)
- Weather hourly forecast
- Weather daily forecast
- Moon phases
- TV guide
- Internet searches (google, IMDB, CDDB, ANDR.NET)
- MSN messenger
- AIM (through Miranda)

So that's mainly it. Here are the plugins that i used:
- Weather 2004 by Torsius
- CNN Desktop Headlines by uziq
- Score Madness by Torsius
- CommandBox by Uziq
- AmericaTV by Norxh
- MSN Messenger Plugin by DeMo
- Miranda-IM by UnregistereD
- NoteTaker by Uziq

As for the design, it was inspired by:
- the shape of Axiom from Torbjon
- the Metallic skin from Pandomaci

Finally the wallpaper was made of Metal wall by lusciousbeast (found on and modified by me (i just kept the sphere in the middle).

I am now working on some visual style, the one i have right now is XMPC Windows media player 10 by dartbra (found on

Hope you guys will like it
Feedback appreciated

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 Re: Blue Metal

Posted: 2005/1/30 2:13  Updated: 2005/1/30 21:38


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