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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: LHI 1.2 Update

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Title: LHI 1.2 Update

Title: LHI 1.2 UpdatePopular
Last Update: 2005/2/14 13:35
Submitter: amitsaraf32
Screenie of my updated Foobar2000 / Windows Media Player status display, made on request.

Since it isn't possible to have two screenies for one config, I decided to upload a screenshot of it in action here
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 Re: LHI 1.2 Update

Posted: 2005/2/14 18:34  Updated: 2005/2/14 18:34


Home away from home
Joined: 2004/9/6
Posts: 624
Why are you using both foobar2000 and wmp?

 Re: LHI 1.2 Update

Posted: 2005/2/14 21:52  Updated: 2005/2/14 21:52


Quite a regular
Joined: 2004/12/17
From: HK
Posts: 52
I use Winamp, but a Foobar user at Neowin requested me to make a status display for Foobar.

Two hours later, it was ready and I thought I ought to add it as an alternative in case there were other users who preferred to use Foobar/WMP 9/10 instead of Winamp

 Re: LHI 1.2 Update

Posted: 2005/3/3 16:41  Updated: 2005/3/3 16:41


Just popping in
Joined: 2005/3/3
From: Grenville, SC
Posts: 2
So this will work with WMP 10? Do I need foobar to or does it just use one or the other? Does wmp have to be running also or is it independent?

Sorry for all the questions but have been looking everywhere for a good WMP 10 plugin like this, so getting kinda excited, LOL!!!


 Re: LHI 1.2 Update

Posted: 2005/10/1 14:06  Updated: 2005/10/1 14:06


Just popping in
Joined: 2005/10/1
Posts: 1
Hello, Where can I download this skin and how must I use it? With Samurize? You can answer me " Thank you very much

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