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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: AreoMedia (Beta-1.2)

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Title: AreoMedia (Beta-1.2)

Title: AreoMedia (Beta-1.2)Popular
Last Update: 2005/2/15 2:57
Submitter: Nienor
Ya a great new update

So what new there,
The Clock as been added.
Modifications to the StartMenu (new formation but expected to be re-changed soon)
WinAmp Panel (Now it highlight the button in action + new format)

AreoMedia is a work in progress theme for the upcomming AveShell project of BetaGuyGZT.
The whole project reached the public beta 1 the 1st Jan 2005 so I have decided to make a skin for it.

To download the official realease V. 0.8J Beta 1, Click Here

Lastest Updates in Beta 1.5 | 4th Update:
- Control Panel Added
- SiGiK is Back! So now it use a Control Panel
- Re-made the About dialog
- Somes updates there and there...
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 Re: AreoMedia (Beta-1.2)

Posted: 2005/2/15 2:59  Updated: 2005/2/15 2:59


Quite a regular
Joined: 2003/12/25
From: Phoenix, AZ - United States
Posts: 67
Rock on!
I'm glad to see more skins being worked on. Good work so far.

 Re: AreoMedia (Beta-1.2)

Posted: 2005/2/15 3:32  Updated: 2005/2/15 3:32


Joined: 2004/7/6
From: Canada / Quebec
Posts: 117
Ya for sure

But I think that I should Update soon my AveShell Instalation... Think that the second beta is on the point to be realeased...

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