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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Weather2004/ge-force plugins

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Title: Weather2004/ge-force plugins

Title: Weather2004/ge-force pluginsPopular
Last Update: 2005/2/22 16:21
Submitter: emtp563
This is my desktop running the my own custom samurize configs.

The weather info is generated from Torsorius' Weather2004 Samurize plugin.

The computer with the system stats is a digital photo of my computer with the background cut out and made transparent.  Superimposed on the monitor are system stats generated from Samurize's WMI plugin.  The ge-Force stats are generated with Torsorius' ge-Force Samurize plugin.

The dock is Yz Dock, and the clock/hard-drive monitoring are AVE Desk widgets.  Calender is Rainlendar.
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 Re: Weather2004/ge-force plugins

Posted: 2005/2/22 16:54  Updated: 2005/2/22 16:54


Quite a regular
Joined: 2004/12/8
Posts: 47
so is it 32 or 39 degrees out? lol

nice desktop

 Re: Weather2004/ge-force plugins

Posted: 2005/2/22 17:35  Updated: 2005/2/22 17:35


Joined: 2004/2/19
From: Valencia, California
Posts: 3535
Looking good bro, nice weather panel too!

Good job

 Re: Weather2004/ge-force plugins

Posted: 2005/2/23 5:11  Updated: 2005/2/23 5:11

Just popping in
Joined: 1969/12/31
Posts: 0
Perhaps you should have a look at the screenshots section! You've posted your screenshot twice!

'bout the config: I don't like that computer in the middle! Kind of ruins the whole thing!

 Re: Weather2004/ge-force plugins

Posted: 2005/2/23 16:01  Updated: 2005/2/23 16:01


Just popping in
Joined: 2004/3/17
From: Lehigh Valley, PA
Posts: 1
"You've posted your screenshot twice!" --I'm not aware of my screenshot posted anywhere else. This is the first and only screenshot I have ever posted here in the screenshots section. As for the computer in the middle- yeah it's kinda out of place, but this is the first and only config I have ever made 100% by myself- so it has a special place in my heart ;-)

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