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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Octology V1

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Title: Octology V1

Title: Octology V1Popular
Last Update: 2005/3/21 7:25
Octology:a display with octagons as display meters, with a side dock for the desktop icons plus other embedded icons on top. Player still in progress...
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 Octology V1 - the idea...

Posted: 2005/3/28 10:38  Updated: 2005/3/28 10:38

Just popping in
Joined: 1969/12/31
Posts: 0
Hi people!
Thanks for the comments and suggestions that you all posted. It's true that I could have done it better but was restricted a bit by time (that's why it's V1 =P). Apart from that, the idea behind the layout and design is to use all the screen - it was intentional. I just don't find it 'cool' to rip off designs or 'background' skins of other users which they made for other programs (like SysMetrix for eg) and use it for Samurize. This also applies for wallpapers.
I just wanted to create a wallpaper intended on purpose for the layout of the meters in Samurize to fit with, also to take the advantage of using all the screen unlike other programs (again eg. SysMetrix) which are restricted to a particular area only.
Well, thanks again for the comments, but felt the need to explain the idea behind the design. I just wanted to create something different from the 'mutations' that most people copy...
But - Samurize is limitless - unleash your creativity!!!
Keep Samurizing people! =))

 Re: Octology V1

Posted: 2005/3/21 19:22  Updated: 2005/3/21 19:22


Joined: 2004/2/19
From: Valencia, California
Posts: 3535
Nice idea & concept but a bit of font work and layout adjustments may help it appeal to the eye a bit more.....

 Re: Octology V1

Posted: 2005/3/22 17:58  Updated: 2005/3/22 17:58


Just can't stay away
Joined: 2003/10/2
From: Denmark
Posts: 107
I think it's a little bit too crowded.
But hey.. We can't all agree on that

 Re: Octology V1

Posted: 2005/3/25 9:07  Updated: 2005/3/25 9:07


Joined: 2003/9/27
From: Sweden
Posts: 150

Come On, Get Samurized!