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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Rainbow Valley

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Title: Rainbow Valley

Title: Rainbow ValleyPopular
Last Update: 2006/3/23 1:28
Submitter: RoderickGI
This is my first Samurize config. Originaly based on Element, I added in the mCubed T-Balancer plug-in from TD22057, then moved everything around and renamed it all. The main aim was to show temperatures and fan speeds live on the Desktop. I use the mCubed T-Balancer with 8 Digital and 6 Analogue temperature probes. Some components have both an analogue and digital sensor on them, hence two progressive bars for them. Visibility of CPU and network load was important so that I could see if something weird was going on, without launching applications. Also wanted to fit in with the photo, keeping all elements like boxes, surounds etc. to a minimum, and using the dark forground of the photo as a background for Samurize elements. Just had to simplify that clock, and add a second hand. I will probably go further with that in future.

Kudos to the authors of all the components included in Samurize, and the Element skin. Gross kudos to TD22057. (Thanks Ted.)

The background is my own picture of Rainbow Valley in Central Australia. A beautiful place, especially at sunset.

This does all I needed, but maybe I will addd some RSS feeds in the future, as long as it doesn't spoil the view!
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