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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Battlestar Galactica - Secondary Monitor

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Title: Battlestar Galactica - Secondary Monitor

Title: Battlestar Galactica - Secondary MonitorPopular
Last Update: 2006/6/14 14:38
Submitter: marcevans
My first attempt at anything with Samurize.  Mostly it's for looks.  My secondary monitor has good color but is too deep too fit on my desk and the screen is too small and non-responsive to be used for gaming.  So it's off to the side a little.

Yahoo Widgets is going with the WhatsOnTV, Trillian is up, and UltraMon is going.  It's a good setup for me but I wish there was a good way to put network TV on Samurize.

Here's the features I used:
Uptime (the Cylon attack thing)
CPU Usage text (in %)
CPU Usage progressbar
Phys Memory text (in %)
Phys Memory progressbar
Net In (Kb/s)
Net Out (Kb/s)
C: free space progressbar
External IP
Computer IP
Router IP
Current temperature in the city
Current weather icon (links to
Current Weather Condition
Current Weather Humidity
Today's High Low
Today's Weather Icon (links to
Link to current gas prices

The radar does sweep and is tied to seconds.  If anyone can thing of anything that would work betterto give a nice, reliable, smooth sweeping motion with a trail effect I'd love to here it.  Right now I have two lines with the second one semi-transparent and right behind the other line.

There's a lot of areas I can play with still.  I used an image I could on the 'net to model the mail window off of.  The only real change I used an image of a Viper and not the wireframe.  Everything else in that main window is pretty similar to what you'd see in a BSG episode.

It looks a bit better without the descriptions I gave for everything so if anyone wants me to upload an image of the work without the test, Trillian, Yahoo Widget, and UltraMon going just let me know.

Constructive comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
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 Re: Battlestar Galactica - Secondary Monitor Submitter: marcevans Rating: 0.0000

Posted: 2006/6/14 16:37  Updated: 2006/6/14 16:37


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Re: sweep, why dont you use it for an external/internal ping? for your Ip's? thats what a radar basically is anyway!

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