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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: extendable menu

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Title: extendable menu

Title: extendable menuPopular
Last Update: 2006/10/16 8:36
Submitter: Patrick
on the left the un-extended menu..
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 Re: extendable menu

Posted: 2006/10/16 8:55  Updated: 2006/10/16 9:53


Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2006/9/25
From: Zutphen
Posts: 21
I just wanted to add this: Its my first config...

On the left you see the un-extended menu (configregion), each button extends retracts the info on the right of it.

The above config contains:

- an X to shut down samurize (my wife doesn't like it) :-(
-an email popup-notifier. (sound and the menu pops out, thanks to automouseclicker)
-Some system/video/memory info
-up/download speed/ip in/outside, monitor for the bitcomet download-folder :-) (flashing led's bytes in/out)
-OS-info and buttons for reboot/shutdown/lock
-HD-info (space/temperature), some shortcuts, flashing hd-leds
-Date/time/weeknumber (shortcut to google calendar)
-CPU temperature/percentage bussy/top process (killable with Right mouse click)
-A forum (rss), tooltips show the contence..
-motherboard temperature (chipset)
-an invisable radiostream player (mplayer.exe/dos-application) with mute and volume buttons

(at the bottom of the screen the ever popular RKlauncher)

Leave a comment if you can think of one...

 Re: extendable menu

Posted: 2006/10/16 13:07  Updated: 2006/10/16 13:07


Joined: 2004/2/19
From: Valencia, California
Posts: 3535
That sure is a busy desk, but then again, who am I too talk!


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