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Title: Pills...

Title: Pills...Popular
Last Update: 2003/12/17 10:51

As I didn't have much time recently, I only adjusted it a little bit - thanks for your comments and suggestions. The functionality hasn't changed, I still plan to add some things, like a link on the "Network"-button, that starts another samurize instance, to show a console meter(e.g. netstat -a) etc....

It'll be interesting to know whether the samurize community likes  it or not...;-), so drop a comment, please!

Thanks to:
Adni18 - for the Wallpaper
MaliXeanz for his great set of Colloquial Icons
Tadis for his inspiring Desktop Designs
Alderaic for the Start and Stop script (used to toggle an extra config with more hdd partitions...)
NeM for his External IP script
and - of course - the whole Samurize crew for this program and Website!

regards, Anthaeus

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 Re: Pills...

Posted: 2003/11/17 12:15  Updated: 2003/11/17 12:15


Joined: 2003/9/26
From: Montreal, Canada
Posts: 157
Personnaly I do like Colloquial icons, but for this config, I would delete them. your config would be more slim and nicer

 Re: Pills...

Posted: 2003/11/17 14:01  Updated: 2003/11/17 14:01


Home away from home
Joined: 2003/9/26
From: Finland
Posts: 272

ooo, the analog meters look good, consider some a bit more subtle color than bright green? something in same shade as surroundings, but still quite bright?

 Re: Pills...

Posted: 2003/11/17 19:21  Updated: 2003/11/17 19:21


Joined: 2003/9/26
From: Montreal, Canada
Posts: 157
don't be mad at me MaliXeanz!
you know we all like your icons! they rocks!
BUT sometimes you know... a config could actually look slightly better without them!

 Re: Pills...

Posted: 2003/11/17 11:10  Updated: 2003/11/17 11:10


Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2003/9/28
Posts: 35
So whats wrong with colloqial icons they're nice but I would try to get some more futuristic icons for this config.

 Re: Pills...

Posted: 2003/11/17 10:42  Updated: 2003/11/17 10:42


Just popping in
Joined: 2003/11/14
From: Finland
Posts: 17
Nice! Only thing that is relly bad on it is those icons it's not unique cause everyone uses those make ur own icons then it will be perfect.

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