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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Simple "bar"

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Title: Simple "bar"

Title: Simple "bar"Popular
Last Update: 2007/1/13 4:36
Submitter: al3x
So I made myself a new config file with the info I use the most, no system info this time.

Not really sure what to call this, just named it "Bar" for now

Anyway, clicking the icons opens up the extended info displayed below the main line. And clicking it again closes the same instance.

The whole config consists of 5 instances. And what you see is basically what you get, there's a few ballon tips here and there but that's it. I actually wanted to implement more info, but that means that I have to shrink the whole thing =/

Comments and tips are always welcome

Thanks to the authors of the different scripts and plugins I've used!

Edit: Does anyone know how I can get the date and month name with the first letter in capital? :S
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 Re: Title: Simple "bar"

Posted: 2007/2/13 1:38  Updated: 2007/2/13 1:38


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How can I download this! I like it^^

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