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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: My samurize creation

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Title: My samurize creation

Title: My samurize creationPopular
Last Update: 2007/1/28 6:10
Submitter: yohannc
Here is my second samurize creation using, all the meters from my first creation, and photoshop.
I passed 10 hours to made the skin (i didn't used photoshop before).

The block at the top :
  At the left is the Net brandwitch and on other side is the LAN brandwitch. Upper meters are for the download and other are for the upload.

The block at the bottom (left to right):
- The memory : A ram graph and the swap bar.
- The cpu : I have a dualcore, so two meters and the frequency.
- The harddrive : i have c: and e:. The rounds are for used space and bar for utilisation disk.
- Winamp : Button, title and time
- The time : Hour, day date ...

(Sorry for my bad english, i'm french)
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 Re: Title: My samurize creation

Posted: 2007/1/28 13:05  Updated: 2007/1/28 13:05


Joined: 2004/2/19
From: Valencia, California
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A bit large, some wasted space IMHO but it is a very good job non the less. Nice work

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