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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: MySamurizeDesktopReloaded

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Title: MySamurizeDesktopReloaded

Title: MySamurizeDesktopReloadedPopular
Last Update: 2007/11/3 22:46
Submitter: raimana
Special thanks to all people who made plug-ins and scripts (to many to name them there, but I guess they'll recognize themselves) that I used in order to achieve my Samurize Desktop.  

I delete some useless stuffs to add some new things like :
 **Google RSS feed
 **A temperature Monitor that show temperature for my CPU Core#0, Core#1, motherboard, RAM, HDD C: and HDD D:
 **Some new stuff that show C: and D: HDD Load.
 **This time i used Speedfan plug-in in order to show Voltages.
 **Still keep the msn-DEMO2 plug-in that show My current Status, number of unread-mail, my nickname, Off-line Contact and On-line Contact.
 **Still keep The Winamp monitor of wich almost all icons are clickable
 **Still use the weather plug in, all the icons are now clickable
 **Still keep the Satellite picture of My Location
 **you can do any Google research with the google icon too, no need to open your web-browser, you can do it from your desktop
 **Still keep all the hard drives Icons and all of them are now clickable too, you can browse your hard drive from the desktop too.
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