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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: InfoPortal 3E

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Title: InfoPortal 3E

Title: InfoPortal 3EPopular
Last Update: 2007/12/2 11:21
Submitter: NeDaInfo
Info Portal 3E

Ok i really enjoy upto date information so when i turn on my computer i wanted it to tell me whats going on not only in my computer but also my world and now.... it can! YaY! ,  oh i have a duel screen set up to thats why img is so long should be at 2560 x 1024.
Am working on the graphical part that merges in around the infos, so its not pretty yet but i thought i would post its 'guts' lol as im working on its body...
Hope it helps with peepls ideas, anyway it does:

- Whole system sensor sets. ram, fan speeds, temps, screen res, drives, bios, volts etc, shows drive flow for event tracking. remake of MB in bottom left corner.
- Networks Mon. in out packets , downloads, ip, unknown packet counts.local net info and tracking. long term flow meters + short term etc in bottom right and  top left
- Drive info and stats.
- process information and properties.
- Time + Calender etc
- scans registry and for ad bots using 3rd party apps as it idles.
- locks system completely to the client unless my usb key is in drive.
- Recent earth quake monitor and seismic monitor for the local region and global.
- Current global magnetic field status.
- Current aurora  readings.
- many rss feeds.
- local weather data, IR maps weekly weather.
- global ir maps for weather tracking.
- local ocean temps and wave heights.
- local lightening event tracker map.
- global ozone density tracker.
- 5 different upto date solar scans showing the sun in different wavelengths for sun spots.
- local ionosphere readings map.
- Goo main news topics, Cnn tech  and Cnn World news.
- alerts with a female voice that tells important things  like "Fan Speed on sensor 3 is below 5%"
- omg some other stuff..

WOW!  I Have to say guys awesome software! an amazing core for the imagination to build around!
This Rocks!! cheers dudes!
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 Re: Title: InfoPortal 3E

Posted: 2007/12/31 9:00  Updated: 2007/12/31 9:00


Joined: 2004/2/19
From: Valencia, California
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Holy Crap! Thats a lot of stuff!

Come On, Get Samurized!