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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Almost minimalistic

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Title: Almost minimalistic

Title: Almost minimalisticPopular
Last Update: 2008/3/30 10:17
Submitter: Boomboxx
Well, here's my attempt to make something almost minimalistic.

Wallpaper mostly chosen due to my girlfriend had to enjoy looking at it too.

It's pretty straight forward:

Winamp player is made partly in mspaint (buttons) and the rest with background graphics within Samurize config editor.

Only plugins used are standard Samurize, showing free space on different drives in MB, and the lines with Winamp info, off course... besides that I just have meter linkage and the Winampctrl-thingy which the Winamp-buttons are linked to respective commands to skip/play/toggle playlist, etc...

The calendar is Rainlendar2.

The simplicity making this config very easy to run on any computer, even with very (!) high refresh rates to display the correct time.

I have been thinking about putting a clock up somewhere, so watch out for a version 1.1 or something.
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