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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Cow theme

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Title: Cow theme

Title: Cow themePopular
Last Update: 2008/5/10 13:42
Submitter: Aionel
Here goes a screenshot of my Samurize configuration. I wanted to create a slick but informative interface. Cow rules .

From the top on the right information panel there're following information about :
- current date, time and uptime,
- processor usage (including graph), physical memory usage (including graph), number of running processes (yes, there's more than 100, that's quite normal on my configuration ),
- disk usage showing disk usage as graph and free space as text - I'm using 5 partitions; 4 on one disk and 1 on the second one - I'm using them (in order of partitions) for: operating system, games, data (my documents, work projects etc.), temporary data ready for archiving and backup (including image of operating system partition and incremental backups of the rest of data),
- temperatures of: processor, motherboard, main disk, secondary disk; speed of fans: processor and two fans keeping proper ventilation,
- network usage: current download and upload and pings for two major web services,
- additional statics like: left, right and middle click and also key usage since last reboot,
- Winamp play data: song title, playlist position, time, bitrate and song position as graph.

On the left there are icons for commonly used stuff, like:
- shortcuts to disks and folders,
- shortcuts for commonly used programs: Process Explorer (must have for system monitoring), Konnekt (IM client), K-Meleon and Maxthon (web browsers), Delphi (as I'm doing a lot programming for work), Front Page (for keeping my website up), Editpad (best text files editor out there), Pain Shop Pro (graphic editing), Irfan View (graphic browsing), Winamp (music playing), Burning Studio (data burning), Word Web (English to English dictionary), Dialog (newsreader), nPop and The Bat (mail client).
I'm using custom icons for most items and also dark background for the icons and meters are (it's embedded into the wallpaper).

This cow wallpaper was done by me. I've used a simple cow image I found in someones avatar, than I vectorized it and resized. Next it was gradient colorized and added some effects as shadows.

Tray icons are used from 37 to 4 using PS Tray Factory. On the left-bottom part there is a modified Start Menu (using True Launch Bar) that contains shortcuts to around 450 program,, categorized into 15 categories (and around 60 subcategories) with custom icons and some Auto Hotkey scripts to launch few programs when using other programs (e.g. to launch Spamihilator when using The Bat, and close it automatically after closing The Bat .

I hope you like it .
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