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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: New config

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Title: New config

Title: New configPopular
Last Update: 2008/7/9 10:23
Submitter: Boomboxx
This time I've used a little time in Didn't come out too great, I'll probably change it in a month or so.
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 Re: Title: New config

Posted: 2008/7/14 16:18  Updated: 2008/7/14 16:18


Just popping in
Joined: 2008/3/30
Posts: 1
Hey. From Norway, yes. That's correct.

The "player" you see is just info fetched from Winamp, I use the plugins in Samurize to display the song title etc, and TextFX to make the text look better. The "skin" itself (the bar on top/side as well as the "orb" which holds the Winamp info), is a little something-something I made in The orb is also clickable, and hide/shows the Winamp playlist.

I don't have any control buttons in the "player" because I have an Ati RF Remote that controls my HTPC this config is on...

The calendar is also a Samurize plugin, from the pluginpak.

On the top bar I have quick links to often used folders, as well as the full song title. This text is however in another config which is configured as "always on top". That way I always have these links and current song info on screen.

It all works handy-dandy for me, I'm actually quite pleased with this one.

Lately I've been spending some time creating web sites, and I'm trying to incorporate some of the functions/looks from my configs into them as well as designing new looks from ideas in my head.

It's amazing how good looking sites one can make with Flash software!

 Re: Title: New config

Posted: 2008/7/12 19:23  Updated: 2008/7/12 19:23


Just popping in
Joined: 2008/6/26
Posts: 3
WoW love that one from norway? where did you get that player from? where can i download it?

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