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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Minimalistic sweetbar

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Title: Minimalistic sweetbar

Title: Minimalistic sweetbarPopular
Last Update: 2008/9/18 17:33
Submitter: Boomboxx
I'm still stuck in the black/grey and minimalistic period.

This time I've used an idea from my previous projects, and came up with this.

The text and buttons is a config set to be always on top, and the obviously "linkish" words are clickable links - the screenshot shows both how it looks on the desktop (top part of pic), and how it looks with a window open.

The white lines @ top part of picture are part of a very minimalistic background I made in The buttons for WinAmp control are also made by me in a wink, standalone .png-file (also have the buttons separately stored).  

It's still in progress, as I'm always trying to make computer usage faster and more efficient (well, for my personal preferences, anyway. ).

Well. Enough blahblah.

Open for sharing if demanded by anyone...

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