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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Green Desktop

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Title: Green Desktop

Title: Green DesktopPopular
Last Update: 2008/10/18 4:06
Submitter: mteplitsky
Full size screenshot can be seen here.

My current desktop, consisting of 5 configs on dual widescreen flat panels at 1680x1050 each. The tabbed weather config is the one that can be seen in this screenshot and is available here. The graphics for the other ones have been borrowed (and some changed) from torbjorn's Crystal and Axiom Reloaded configs. Torbjorn does amazing graphics.
OK here we go:

Hexagonal elements:
WMI Info config. It's all static system information, so the refresh rate (and CPU use) is very low Note the background icons in the hexagons.

Circular config:
Information about my stuff on the Samurize site collected with PageScraper. I tried to match the "theme" to the WMI config.

Vertical config:
The clock at the top was too big in my opinion, so I placed the Yahoo 'Moon Phase II' widget on top of it and sized it appropriately
The HDD Use and Removable sections update dynamically if the drives are attached/loaded/mounted.
The Internal IP is obtained from WMI. External IP is from NeM's great script available on this site.
Mouse info is from mousemagic.dll plugin.
Calendar is uziq's VisualPluginCalendar.dll
The search boxes are CommandBox.dll instances.
The power button at the bottom closes the 4 desktop configs. (The weather config has its own Close button)

Horizontal config:
TCP information from Netstat.dll
Slideshow by uziq's ImageCycler.dll. Hovering over the image will show its file name. Clicking the image will open it in the default graphics viewer.
Media Player information is done with AdvancedMediaPlayerInfo.dll, including all the controls. It looks totally empty when WMP is closed but comes to life once something is playing. The WMP icon launches the media player.
Notes is for notes with NoteTaker.dll (text can be formatted there).
Weather stuff is a small subset of the information provided by the tabbed weather config (I usually keep that one minimized).

Not shown are tooltips and links in some of the configs. It's more than meets the eye
The transparency of the taskbars and the Start menu is controlled by a little program called Vitrite. On the very right is Desktop Sidebar. It still has the best news reader available and that's the only thing I use it for.
Feel free to comment and download the tabbed weather config
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 Re: Title: Green Desktop

Posted: 2008/10/18 14:46  Updated: 2008/10/18 14:46


Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2005/6/4
From: London
Posts: 36
wat font you using on that config?

 Re: Title: Green Desktop

Posted: 2008/10/18 15:34  Updated: 2008/10/18 15:34


Quite a regular
Joined: 2007/10/14
From: Dayton, OH, USA
Posts: 66
It's "hooge 06_55" 6pt

 Re: Title: Green Desktop

Posted: 2008/10/20 2:12  Updated: 2008/10/20 2:12


Just popping in
Joined: 2006/8/8
From: Canada - Alberta - Edmonton
Posts: 3
really nice! how did you get the taskbar to extend to the other screen? ive been trying for ages now.

 Re: Title: Green Desktop

Posted: 2008/10/20 2:37  Updated: 2008/10/20 2:44


Quite a regular
Joined: 2007/10/14
From: Dayton, OH, USA
Posts: 66
It's a small app called UltraMon. It's nice, but it's shareware.
Also, the theme I am running is WMP11 by Oddbasket available here.

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