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Title: Element Desk and Weather

Title: Element Desk and WeatherPopular
Last Update: 2009/6/8 3:08
Submitter: sunadorer111
This is my config. I altered the Element Config that was posted here some years ago. I added some Stuff (like winamp info) as well as a complex weather box.

The Desk Info speaks for itself.
-Net up and download per second and total bandwidth used on a graph
-Drive Space visualized in Pie fragments
-Ram, CPU and Temperature of CPU and Mainboard

The Weather (needs weather 2004, at least version 993 - updated 2009) shows stuff like
-moon phases for the next 11 days (including today)
-weather am and pm
-wind dirction and speed, temp (real and felt) UV Radiation, Air Pressure (and change for next hours), Humidity, temperature to start raining, sun rise and sunset...

I will post the Config in the Forum and all stuff you need. You need to download the weather plugin from samurize though. The Icon Set is called "KonfabulatorPLUS" I try to post these in the forum as well.

Have fun!
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