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Title:; desktop 1

Title:; desktop 1Popular
Last Update: 2003/12/27 16:05
Submitter: superhero
i had nothing to do today, and this is what the boredom resulted in.  this is my first serious samurize config, but i wouldnt call it finished. im going away snowboarding tomorrow, and i will be gone for a week, so it will take i while before its 100% completed. anyway, i decided to put it here, to have something to show + perhaps get some comments on it, so i know what to change later on.. anyway, i couldnt fit any progressbars and stuff in, so its all text right now, which is kinda boring, but i think it serves it purpose. i wasnt in the mood for adding tv-icons either, so the tv-thingy looks kinda dull too. ill look to this later, im not even sure if im gonna keep the whole rextangle with info deal, or if im gonna spread the info out (as that would make it easier to fit progress bars) - comments?

2nd anyway; its all done by me, except the scripts. they were found here on and im too lazy to look up who made each one of them. shout outs to the programmers anyway.

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