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Title: ZeroOne

Title: ZeroOnePopular
Last Update: 2004/3/9 19:12
Submitter: ZeroOne
OK, I'm not posting a screenshot of the entire screen as there's no point in that. It's just an ordinary Windows desktop with a chameleon background image from

This is my Samurize config. It sits in the bottom right corner of my screen (OK, it's reaching the left corner pretty soon now ;p). It's not always on top however since it's not transparent. I find that the solid color background makes all the texts much more readable.

Color coding goes like this: the texts on purple background are local data and the cyan boxes are fetched from the net. The orange Net.nyt box shows the four newest entries of the blog. Yellow box tells the newest version of Serious Samurize.

I made the Net.nyt, Groove FM, and Sexy Losers scripts myself.
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