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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: The Curve

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Title: The Curve

Title: The CurvePopular
Last Update: 2004/3/16 15:57
Submitter: Qualdan
This is my currently active desktop. This is not exactly my first config, but basically advanced version of my first. Very first one was used to display the battery on my laptop (and not much else). First one on my main computer was only used to show the TV-listing on black background on the bottom of the screen.

The calendar (and stuff) on the upper left hand corner on the screen are NOT part of my config. They are a part of a html-site (which I made) that is used (beside showing the calendar) to change the desktop background (it randomly selects from over 100 different backgrounds) every time the desktop is refreshed (F5 -key is pressed).

The "curve" -thing on the bottom is my actual config and it is made from three different configs:
- TV listing (lower part)
- System Info, Weather, Winamp, eMule (middle part)
- Sharereactor listing (top part)

My config(s) use the following outside work:

- Colloquial Icons, author: MaliXeanz
- Finnish TV channel icons (v1.10), author: JyriK
- Microangelo 5.5 icon cache, author: Impact Software
- Windows XP default icon cache (shell32.dll), author: Microsoft Corp.
- Sharereactor Logo, author: SimonMoon (I think)
- eMule logo, author: eMule crew (have no idea who made it in the first place)

- FinTV.vbs (v4.4), author: ViX
- ShareReactor.vbs (v2.4), author: samikin
- WeatherFI.vbs (v1.03), author: samikin
- OnlineSig.vbs (v0.4), author: Alderaic

I Think that's all there is to thank...

"Simplicity" is THE word!
- Qualdan
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 Re: The Curve

Posted: 2004/9/6 2:10  Updated: 2004/9/6 2:10


Just popping in
Joined: 2004/3/20
From: Somewhere near my computer
Posts: 7
nice, how did you made those menus at the top of the config; internet, media etc ?

 Re: The Curve

Posted: 2004/6/23 10:20  Updated: 2004/6/23 10:20


Just popping in
Joined: 2004/6/23
Posts: 2

 Re: The Curve

Posted: 2004/6/23 10:19  Updated: 2004/6/23 10:19


Just popping in
Joined: 2004/6/23
Posts: 2

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