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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Moving to litestep :)

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Title: Moving to litestep :)

Title: Moving to litestep :)Popular
Last Update: 2004/3/18 4:16
Submitter: JackandJohn
Well, I've finally gone to 1600x1200 + another shell and taken the learning curve beating on litestep (not as bad as I thought)

Meet my first modded config - based on QNX by "Teschio"

the samurize config in the top-right monitors not only my workstation, but my epia m10000 winXP media-box/router/server

Everything is pretty much self-explanitory on the config - everything above the HD meter is the epia, everything below is the workstation.

Quick highlights on the litestep config:
"Applications" is a filebrowser set to quicklaunch by default.

"worldview" is a 3x3 array of virtual desktops w/ the centre as default.

the small arrows in the bottom-right hide the entire bar as well as the desktop icons for when I need mucho realestate.

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 Re: Moving to litestep :)

Posted: 2005/2/13 11:58  Updated: 2005/2/13 11:58


Home away from home
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That's a bitchin wallpaper dude.

 Re: Moving to litestep :)

Posted: 2005/3/4 15:20  Updated: 2005/3/4 15:20

Just popping in
Joined: 1969/12/31
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sunshine-live was a cool radio station some years ago, but since they are on air all over germany they suck IMO. Just too commercial. ;-)

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