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Main : Samurize Desktop Screenshots :  Title: Good Electric

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Title: Good Electric

Title: Good ElectricPopular
Last Update: 2004/4/6 16:02
Submitter: pitpawten
Here is the about half way done config i am working on for this nice wallpaper.
All there is right now is Visualization for winamp integrated into the wallpaper, along with winamp song info.
The calendar-time is integrated into the building, and news is "ticking" at the bottom.

The next parts are going to be:
1. Network utilization embedded into the "Transformer" in the powerline.
2. CPU-Memory usage in the suspenders on the larger man. (only the orange part of the suspender will be the monitor) using the "tapered progress meter" design I used in this config.
3. Some sort of scrolling "top processes" text to line up on the left side of the gray bar that the news is aligned with.
4. Split into 2 configs. 1 for the fast updating parts(visualization, etc) and one for everything else, so that CPU usage and other stuff isnt so jumpy. Is there a way to do this without 2 configs running simultaneously?

Please comment as I am only about halfway through.
When I finish I will post the whole thing in zip format including all skins-icons-configs-wallpaper-and plugins used.

Windows Skin: Semplice
Dock: Yzdock (look in google)
Calendar: Simple Calendar (dont have the link)
News: RDF ticker (dont have this one either)

Now I have a couple of questions that i hope someone could answer.

1. When running the winamp visualization plugin, Winamp routinley uses over 500MB of Virtual Memory, and Config.exe uses upwards of 60% CPU time. Is this normal. Winamp forums claim that 3rd party plugins woud caues this (i.e. samurize viz output) but is anyone else having this?
2. When running two configs at the same time, i will get display problems like screensavers not working correctly.

Before anyone posts the usual uninstall-resintall, or updates, advice know this:
I am extremley meticulous in my computer maintenance and ALL of the above programs are in perfect running instalations (i.e they were installed 100% correctly and completley), and windows is FULLY up to date, with full manufacturers drivers on my video etc etc etc.
Hope that saves some time.

Thanks, and Agiain Please Comment : )

- One update The "asterisk" in white, the 5 points are a different winamp control. Starting with up going clockwise are Play, next, pause, stop and back. They are light gray with low opacity.
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 Re: Good Electric

Posted: 2004/4/7 6:00  Updated: 2004/4/7 6:00


Joined: 2003/9/26
From: Finland
Posts: 748
Really good integration with the config and the wallpaper! Nice work!

You should make an own instance for winamp vis, with just the spectrum in it. It could help.

 Re: Good Electric

Posted: 2005/2/15 9:25  Updated: 2005/2/15 9:25


Home away from home
Joined: 2004/9/6
Posts: 624
Love that visualizer and the wallpaper. Nice!

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