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Samurize Configs Samurize Configs
Download Now! Agenda 2.2 (changes)  Popular
Submitted Date: 2012/10/23
Submitter: itam

Screenshot Screenshot   Downloaded 9611 times 9611  File Size 61.62 KB  Rate this File 7.47 (34 votes)   

Samurize Configs Samurize Configs
Download Now! Agenda final 2.2  Popular
Submitted Date: 2012/9/23
Submitter: itam
compatible windows 7
Full version in english

Screenshot Screenshot   Downloaded 11563 times 11563  File Size 1.90 MB  Rate this File 8.03 (29 votes)   

Samurize Configs Samurize Configs
Download Now! Agenda 2.2  Popular
Submitted Date: 2012/9/16
Submitter: itam
Country: fr

Screenshot Screenshot   Downloaded 1508 times 1508  File Size 1.90 MB  Rate this File 8.20 (5 votes)   

Samurize Configs Samurize Configs
Download Now! HotStuff Config Suite  Popular
Version: 0.2
Submitted Date: 2012/9/9
Submitter: Lostboy79
I listen to a lot of music via Winamp and I use, so the idea here was to create an interface which displayed information from each of those sources, as well as pulling in artist/band information from Wikipedia.

This suite includes:

+ Clock (time and date)
+ To Do List
+ Event Calendar
+ Local Weather Forecast
+ Winamp Controls and Information
+ User Profile Information
+ Information from Wikipedia about the current artist/band that Winamp's playing

I've uploaded a YouTube video which should give you some idea of how it all works. You can find the video here.

There's also a pretty good help file (if I do say so myself), which is available online too. You can find that here.

If you have any questions or issues, please drop a comment here or over on YouTube. I'll try and help you if I can! Thanks very much.

Screenshot Screenshot   Downloaded 2367 times 2367  File Size 5.81 MB  Rate this File 9.75 (4 votes)   

Samurize Configs Samurize Configs : Samurize Package Files Samurize Package Files
Download Now! One  Popular
Version: V2
Submitted Date: 2012/5/18
Submitter: idoru
Here is a modded compilation of Circles by Tok2 DeviantArt and Now Playing by Sticktron (DeviantArt.

I've modded them to suit my needs, no doubt you'll do the same !

The download is a winrar file of the 2 sam packages. You know what to do with it !

Screenshot Screenshot   Downloaded 1838 times 1838  File Size 1000.73 KB  Rate this File 6.60 (5 votes)   

Scripts & Plugins Scripts & Plugins : System Information System Information
Download Now! HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 plugin  Popular
Version: 1.3
Submitted Date: 2012/5/17
Submitter: sayonarap
Plugin that allows Samurize to read values from HWiNFO32/64 shared memory.

Requirements and installation:
- Read documentation inside

v1.0 - First functional version
v1.1 - Internal changes about shared memory dealing.
v1.2 - Added documentation.
v1.3 - Added GetUnit function. Added documentation for this function. Added 'Tips' section to documentation.

Screenshot Screenshot   Downloaded 2114 times 2114  File Size 255.20 KB  Rate this File 8.82 (11 votes)   

Scripts & Plugins Scripts & Plugins : Internet Info Fetchers Internet Info Fetchers
Download Now! PageScraper 3.02  Popular
Version: 3.02
Submitted Date: 2012/3/23
Submitter: NeM
uziq's PageScraper 3.02

Screenshot Screenshot   Downloaded 1336 times 1336  File Size 918.62 KB  Rate this File Not rated   

Scripts & Plugins Scripts & Plugins
Download Now! PluginPak 1.09  Popular
Version: 1.09
Submitted Date: 2012/3/23
Submitter: NeM
uziq's PluginPak 1.09

Screenshot Screenshot   Downloaded 4131 times 4131  File Size 2.87 MB  Rate this File 10.00 (3 votes)   

Language Files Language Files
Download Now! Lingua Italiana  Popular
Version: 0.5
Submitted Date: 2012/1/19
Submitter: BrOncO

Screenshot Screenshot   Downloaded 6549 times 6549  File Size 18.73 KB  Rate this File 7.91 (23 votes)   

Scripts & Plugins Scripts & Plugins : Weather Weather
Download Now! WeatherHub weather plugin  Popular
Version: 1.9
Submitted Date: 2012/1/18
Submitter: element
The problem with weather feeds is that they come and go every few years. The idea behind the WeatherHub plugin is to centralize multiple feeds and output the weather data as consistent, uniform tags in Samurize. This way, if a feed goes dead it can be easily replaced with another, without changing the config. Currently, it can access 4 feeds: WWO, WU, Weather Bug and Google. [recompiled for Win7 SP1, WeatherHub.ini override]

Screenshot Screenshot   Downloaded 1634 times 1634  File Size 58.78 KB  Rate this File 7.88 (8 votes)   

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