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Website News : is back online.
Posted by NeM on 2011/9/30 2:40:00 (20370 reads)
Website News

Hey everyone, NeM here. It's been a long time since I visited but I noticed that the new site,, is gone. So I have decided to repair and open this site up again so that Samurize users can still discuss the program, upload screenshots & other files and so forth. If you notice any problems or errors on the website, please post them in the forums and I will fix them when I get a chance.

I installed the latest Samurize version on Windows 7 (you have to enable compatibility mode for Windows XP in order to install) and it still runs fine, but I am sure there are features that are either no longer working or are glitchy.

I do not have any word at this stage as to whether any further versions of Samurize will be released, but at a guess I would say no. We will keep you posted if this changes.

Thank you for supporting Samurize over the years and I hope you have enjoyed using it as much as we have enjoyed creating it


UPDATE: donation button has been fixed. Thanks for the heads up, BrianPeiris!

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 Re: is back online.

Posted: 2011/10/1 14:48  Updated: 2011/10/1 14:48


Joined: 2003/9/26
From: Where the bass is
Posts: 543
thanks nem for the heads up!

i am quite sure that at least the foobar plugin from ampi doesn't work anymore as the foobar guys change their api every half year or so, also the automatic cover downloading from amazon should not work since their api changed in the meantime. however the screensaver as well as the clock client still do a good job.
if you run into problems, try 'running as administrator' - all ampi plugins use a special windows api for internal data communication which may not be available for non-administrators (not sure though).


 Re: is back online.

Posted: 2011/11/15 11:12  Updated: 2011/11/15 11:14


Just popping in
Joined: 2011/10/2
Posts: 3

 Re: is back online.

Posted: 2011/11/15 21:42  Updated: 2011/11/15 21:42


Home away from home
Joined: 2003/9/26
From: New Zealand
Posts: 833
Everyone should be able to upload - if you click on Screenshots on the left menu, it opens up a submenu with "Submit", "My Photos" etc.

 Re: is back online.

Posted: 2011/10/2 6:48  Updated: 2011/10/2 6:49


Just popping in
Joined: 2006/2/1
Posts: 16
Thats a good news. Because Samurize is also interesting for Windows 8. Samurize works on Windows 8. (Comp. modus XP SP3 )The only problem are the plugins. Especially for x64 systems.

 Re: is back online.

Posted: 2011/10/14 21:38  Updated: 2011/10/14 21:38


Just popping in
Joined: 2003/9/26
Posts: 17
Thank you NeM, let's hope Samurize lives on!

 Re: is back online.

Posted: 2011/10/12 9:28  Updated: 2011/10/12 9:28


Joined: 2004/2/19
From: Valencia, California
Posts: 3535
Howdy old friends!!

 Re: is back online.

Posted: 2011/10/15 0:52  Updated: 2011/10/15 0:52


Just popping in
Joined: 2008/11/6
Posts: 2
At last, we have life again! It's cool to see the site back online folks!.

 Re: is back online.

Posted: 2011/10/26 2:58  Updated: 2011/10/26 2:58


Quite a regular
Joined: 2005/10/29
From: Bad Arolsen, Hassia, Germany
Posts: 55
I have tested Samurize as Portable Version without installation, and it worked too. Only some spezial thing are not working, they need the Path to Samurize.

Greetings and nice to see life again here.

 Re: is back online.

Posted: 2011/12/1 15:15  Updated: 2011/12/1 15:15


Just popping in
Joined: 2009/7/10
Posts: 3
Man i seriously hope you dont bail on samurize just yet.
There are no other utility like samu out there!
Not with the versatility and ease as samu has, for instance, no offence against rainmeter, but compared to the OLD samu it does not have the same versatility!

Creating and fiddling own configs with samu is a dream, for once there was someone who REALLY tought it through from the start! That means you samu dev's!

Methinks that if samu went 64x the community would/could handle the rest. Plugin wise. But that's my guess.

Thumbs up for the best monitoring software ever made!

 Re: is back online.

Posted: 2011/12/4 16:47  Updated: 2011/12/4 16:55

$ grep

Just popping in
Joined: 2011/12/3
Posts: 1
Great! Samurize is one of the apps I can't live without since I first installed it, more than five or six years ago... [quote]Thank you for supporting Samurize over the years and I hope you have enjoyed using it as much as we have enjoyed creating it[/quote] Hey, we still enjoying!!, I love to play and adapt my configs according to my changing needs and desktop themes. Thanks for such an amazing app you made!

 Re: is back online.

Posted: 2012/7/11 12:25  Updated: 2012/7/11 12:25


Home away from home
Joined: 2007/7/12
Posts: 195

Guys, guess samurize needs to be defilibrated till it's hairs catch fire.
I heard microsoft is dropping gadgets again...
Come On, Get Samurized!