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Website News : is back online.
Posted by NeM on 2011/9/30 2:40:00 (12543 reads)
Website News

Hey everyone, NeM here. It's been a long time since I visited but I noticed that the new site,, is gone. So I have decided to repair and open this site up again so that Samurize users can still discuss the program, upload screenshots & other files and so forth. If you notice any problems or errors on the website, please post them in the forums and I will fix them when I get a chance.

I installed the latest Samurize version on Windows 7 (you have to enable compatibility mode for Windows XP in order to install) and it still runs fine, but I am sure there are features that are either no longer working or are glitchy.

I do not have any word at this stage as to whether any further versions of Samurize will be released, but at a guess I would say no. We will keep you posted if this changes.

Thank you for supporting Samurize over the years and I hope you have enjoyed using it as much as we have enjoyed creating it


UPDATE: donation button has been fixed. Thanks for the heads up, BrianPeiris!

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Website News : PluginPak 1.08 released
Posted by uziq on 2009/2/14 0:30:00 (14957 reads)

The PluginPak has been updated. It contains all the changes to my plugins/exes over the past two years (most of which were scattered around in the forum or downloads section).


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Website News : Server update
Posted by uziq on 2008/9/20 5:06:48 (8676 reads)

We've done some maintenance on the server and fixed a few issues. Regular vistors may notice that the site runs a little faster now.

If you happen to experience any problems, please let us know.

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Samurize News : Server Issues
Posted by KMDonlon on 2008/8/25 20:29:56 (8047 reads)

The crew apologizes for any inconveniences users may have had accessing the site over the past few days. We are experiencing some issues with the server that hosts our site. We are aware of the problem and the good folks at Stardock are working on assisting us.

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Samurize News : Samurize is gaining popularity!
Posted by KMDonlon on 2008/4/21 21:10:00 (10888 reads)

Samurize has gotten a few mentions besides the usual places... a little PR never hurts

Uziq's keen eye has found a couple worthy items, have a look......


- Samurize and a few plugins: Winamp Control plugin, Gmail Account Checker and VisualPluginCalendar, are shown in the May 2008 issue (page 76) of the Japanese magazine, Windows100%.

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