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Samurize News : Samurize v1.64.3 Beta
Posted by KMDonlon on 2007/2/5 21:00:00 (9748 reads)

A public beta has been released, Samurize v1.64.3 is now available to try. Some minor bug fixes and some changes/ improvements are included with this release. Also Windows Vista is now supported. Please have a look at the change log and go HERE to download.

Thank you to AdamC for his continuous efforts in moving Samurize forward

Website News : Relaunched
Posted by Samcrew on 2003/9/25 23:43:00 (6837 reads)

Welcome back everyone!

After a brief hiatus and some time to recover, the Samurize Crew bring you the new look Yes it's bright and yes, we are now using a new portal system called Xoops.

We are very happy to be back online again after our short off-air period, but thanks to some hard work by all involved, we are up and running again.

To summarize some of the background work that has been going on during our time off:
- has been given a new mainstream look as we are now looking to reach the professional IT industry as well as our current power users.
- Serious Samurize has reached version 0.93d with some long awaited for new features and improvements. Thanks go to NeM for his hard work here.
- now uses the Invision Power Board forum code which should provide better performance and security for the forum community as a whole.
- D0ktr_EvL celebrated the birth of a baby girl Isabella
- On a down note, we have had a few crew members fall by the wayside as they are busy with their normal real world lives.
- The downloads, screens and user accounts have been removed as part of the cleanup process. Yes this is annoying for regular users, but it means we can keep our user base current. We will look at returning the files as soon as we can. Obviously there is much work involved in adding all the files again to the site.
- And last but not least, we welcome Raiderman, Q. Tews & Thorin as new members of the moderating crew.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and become a site member so that you can post in the forums, submit addons and skins for our fav desktop monitoring program and have a good time as part of our great community.

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