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Samurize News : Samurize forums down, end of the road
Posted by Alderaic on 2015/4/17 18:00:00 (9180 reads)

Hi Guys,

The forums have been down for a while now, and the us site is gone.

Sadly I dont have any way to contact member of the crew that would have the server information to debug / fix the website.

If any community still lives around samurize, you can comment on this post, for others to find you, at this point we can acknowledge that the samurize project is officialy over.

Thanks for all the years and the fun, it was really appreciated.

Thanks again to Cure & Sim for starting it all and giving a lot of us the opportunity to learn code, scripts, have fun with graphics & computers.

Hope you guys enjoyed the trip

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Samurize News : Server Issues
Posted by KMDonlon on 2008/8/25 20:29:56 (13303 reads)

The crew apologizes for any inconveniences users may have had accessing the site over the past few days. We are experiencing some issues with the server that hosts our site. We are aware of the problem and the good folks at Stardock are working on assisting us.

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Samurize News : Samurize is gaining popularity!
Posted by KMDonlon on 2008/4/21 21:10:00 (13381 reads)

Samurize has gotten a few mentions besides the usual places... a little PR never hurts

Uziq's keen eye has found a couple worthy items, have a look......


- Samurize and a few plugins: Winamp Control plugin, Gmail Account Checker and VisualPluginCalendar, are shown in the May 2008 issue (page 76) of the Japanese magazine, Windows100%.

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Samurize News : The Holidays at
Posted by KMDonlon on 2007/11/25 16:28:10 (8686 reads)

It's that time of year once again, as you can tell, the crew has put up some holiday decorations to kick it off.

We wish every patron a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

See you all on the forums

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Samurize News : Samurize 1.64.3 Final - UPDATE
Posted by AdamC on 2007/4/3 7:40:00 (17197 reads)

Unfortunately there was a significant bug in the meter maths code so an update has been released to fix this issue

Samurize 1.64.3 Final has now been released with a number of changes from the beta. The largest change is the implementation of IMAP4 support.

Not all vista problems have been fixed for this release, more fixes will come along during the coming months as more people upgrade and report problems. Currently I do not have a fully functional Vista computer so fixing these defects will be slow. I apologises for this.

Enjoy the new release


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