Samurize 1.64.3 Final - UPDATE

Date 2007/4/3 7:40:00 | Topic: Samurize News

Unfortunately there was a significant bug in the meter maths code so an update has been released to fix this issue

Samurize 1.64.3 Final has now been released with a number of changes from the beta. The largest change is the implementation of IMAP4 support.

Not all vista problems have been fixed for this release, more fixes will come along during the coming months as more people upgrade and report problems. Currently I do not have a fully functional Vista computer so fixing these defects will be slow. I apologises for this.

Enjoy the new release

* fixed a bug with Meter x/y width/height toggle arrows not updating the meters correctly.
* fixed a bug with Import Export form not loading language files
* fixed a bug with Rulers not updating when using the Mouse Scroll Wheel
* fixed a bug with icons not displaying correctly in the config editor
* fixed a bug with the input wizard displaying the wrong form
* fixed a bug with the reconnection logic on Remote Meters
* fixed a bug with Access violations on drag and drop in the Meter List
* fixed a bug that scroll wasnt working when drag and drop
* fixed numerous bugs in instance manager when starting clients and servers
* fixed a bug with the display box on the Console Meter
* fixed a bug with the displaying of the glass effect on the config editor and Instance Manager
plus currently removed all glass effect from the client
* fixed a couple of bugs with the console meter constaintly running process
* fixed a bug with totalNetCollector when an adapter is disabled and reenabled
* fixed an infinite loop within the Samurize Server
* fixed a problem with the Options dialog box in the Samurize Server
* fixed a bug with the Meter Maths loading new style meter names

* Vista Support
* ToolTips can now be used with mouse buttons (single and double click)
* updated DTD for all the new xml sections in every meter type.
* Additional input method using Scripts
* Console Meters can now run constantly running console programs and get the output
* Updated the Copy meter logic so the new meter names are not so long
* Instance Manager supports groups
* Instance Manager maintains the Z-Order of instances when loaded (if pin to desktop, dock or normal window behaviour is used)
* Improved the catching of Show Desktop for pin to Desktop and pin to Desktop compat modes.
* Improved the Perfmon gathering of data to reduce the number of queries.
* Added rename to the instance manager for groups and instances.
* Meter maths will return a NOT FOUND on string maths if the meter is not available.
* IMAP4 support for the mail meter
* Total Net Collector changes unit dynamically

New Features:
* Logging can be enabled for the clients and config editors

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