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My Perfmon counters have disappeared, been replaced with numbers or stopped working. How do I get them back?
Requested and Answered by AdamC on 14-Jan-2006 15:56 (10697 reads)
When a perfmon crashes or doesn't report data for a while Windows disables it and leaves it disabled. You will probably find relevant events in your event log. Perfmons might also become disabled for other less obvious reasons eg. installing a service pack or a .NET distribution.

You can view the status of your perfmons and enable/disable them using the exctrlst.exe tool from Microsoft, which can be obtained as part of the Windows 2000 resource kit that can be downloaded from here. (Note: this tool also works in Windows XP)

You can also manually rebuild your performance counter library values by following the instructions in this MS article if the exctrlst.exe tool does not work.

There are also reports that disabling your pagefile can break the PerfOs service. Try enabling your pagefile first and then reenabling the perfmons if you have your pagefile disabled. More information here.

UPDATE: If a Performance Object Is Not Displayed in Performance Monitor - check out this link.

Perfmon Fix

UPDATE: If your perfmons are still not working try the following microsoft fix:

Microsoft Support

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