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When I load a config file I have downloaded from this site, parts of it are missing, not working or I see nothing at all.
Requested and Answered by AdamC on 14-Jan-2006 15:57 (2822 reads)
If you see nothing at all, chances are that the config was designed for a screen resolution greater than your system is running. Try opening the config in the config editor, zoom out and see if the config is visible in there. If it is, select all the meters (Ctrl+A shortcut) and click & drag (or use the arrow keys) to move them into your screen space in the Design Area.

If images are missing from the config, this will be because either the author did not include them with the config, or because the paths to the images are incorrect. Click on the images that are missing in the config editor and check to make sure the path is correct.

If parts of the config are not working (eg. CPU/net speed meters are reporting 0 all the time), you need to configure these meters correctly for your system in the config editor.

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