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How do I put CPU temperatures, fan speeds etc. in my config?
Requested and Answered by AdamC on 14-Jan-2006 16:08 (11107 reads)
Get the latest version of MBM (Motherboard Monitor) from here:

Then install it and configure it with your motherboard (see the MBM website if you need help with this). Once all is properly configured and working, you can either close it and use the built-in MBM loader in Samurize (look under the Project Options tab), or leave it running.

Now just add MBM Meters in the Samurize config tool and slide the Sensor bar until you find the desired sensors. If they are defined a value should appear.

Alternatively, with Samurize v1.60+ you can use Speedfan ( ) to obtain the temperatures etc. Add Speedfan Meters in the Samurize config tool. You need to have Speedfan running for this to work.

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