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Can I have multiple instances of Samurize running, each with its own config?
Requested and Answered by AdamC on 11-Jan-2006 15:27 (7773 reads)
Yes. Here's a quick guide to make 2 of them:

1) Make two configs. For simplicity, I'm going to refer to them as if they were named 'One.ini' and 'Two.ini'.

2) Make 2 shortcuts on your desktop to client.exe. Call one of the shortcuts "My Config 1" and make the Target line to one of them read:

"C:\Program Files\Samurize\Client.exe" i=config1

Call the other one "My Config 2" and have its target line read:

"C:\Program Files\Samurize\Client.exe" i=config2
(obviously you will have to adjust the path to match where you have samurize installed)

3) Double-click on the "My Config 1" shortcut you made and rightclick on the tray icon.. choose One.ini as the config.

4) Double-click on the "My Config 2" shortcut you made and rightclick on the tray icon.. choose Two.ini as the config.

Now, whenever you use the "My Config 1" shotcut, One.ini will always be loaded with it. And likewise, Two.ini with "My Config 2".

NOTE: Samurize v1.50+ requires you to specify different instance names for each client you run. If you try and run a single instance twice, the second time a new client will not be loaded, but any commandline options passed will be applied to the already running client.

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