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Windows Vista blocks Samurize autoload
Requested and Answered by AdamC on 26-Apr-2007 03:47 (5297 reads)
Unfortunately the Samurize exe's would need to be signed to get around this problem correctly. Due to samurize being freeware this option is not viable because of the cost to get certificates.

There is however a work around that should stop vista blocking Samurize.

Use Group Policy to start Samurize
1) start gpedit.msc
2) go User Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Scripts -> Logon
3) Add client.exe with full path
(Example C:\Program Files (x86)\Samurize\Client.exe in x64 system)

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 xbox360 fix

Posted: 2008/2/2 13:16  Updated: 2008/2/2 13:16


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If you use Media Center Extender (like Xbox360) this script will help you make it work. (Extender are not allowed to start any program) [save this as start.vbs example] [code] Dim strUser,objShell Set objShell=CreateObject("WScript.Shell") strUser=CreateObject("Wscript.Network").UserName If Not left(strUser,3) = "Mcx" Then If objShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("ProgramFiles(x86)") = "" then objShell.Run("""C:\Program Files\Samurize\Client.exe""") Else objShell.Run("""C:\Program Files (x86)\Samurize\Client.exe""") End If End If [/code]
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